Yesterday on air, Paul talked about how the garden of Eastgate Elementary in Kennewick was raided and asked the public to donate pumpkins to the kindergarteners who lost their large Halloween pumpkins.

Here's Who Donated:

  • Workers at Bellinger Farms of Hermiston
  • The owner of Sandstone Cafe in Kennewick, James Ortego, and his friends donated 18 pumpkins
  • Sakesman for Logan-Zenner Seeds in Pasco, Jason Turner, donated 100 of the companies' pumpkins
  • Delores Olsen and her caregiver Mary Anne Mason contacted the Walmart manager who willingly gave them 20 pumpkins to give to the school
  • Cody Cox of Robert Cox Farms near Benton city invited school officials to bring back 90 pumpkins from their 250 acres that they provide to supermarkets
  • The owners of Chocolate the Labrador, who Eastgate students donated $450 dollars to 5 years ago after the dog was found abandoned and with broken legs

With more than 300 pumpkins donated in all, Arnold Smith plans to give the kindergarteners the first pick and then sequentially through the upper grades until the 500 students have picked over the piles.

A special thanks to everyone who donated, here are the pictures of the happy kids grateful that they now have pumpkins:

Maegan Murray
Maegan Murray


Maegan Murray