I've been sort of aggravated with Vacuums lately. I have a dog that sheds a lot, so seems I'm constantly vacuuming. I purchased the Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum and it works well, but I couldn't get the darn canister to come apart for cleaning and it was driving me crazy! It said "turn counter clockwise" and I tried and tried! And then I cussed and cussed and took it to Kennewick Vac & Sew this morning where the nice man there figured out how to get the darn thing off.

I thanked him and figured I would do a blog about it so some other poor soul would at least see that it was possible and I could show them how to do it.

So you will see in this video it is NOT easy. It takes a lot of strength! But if you hold the handle with your left hand and turn the canister toward you. It finally will pop! And then you can slide it off for cleaning! You will see at the end of the video I actually get it.

Why do some things in life have to be so hard when they seem like they should be so simple! And don't say "you have to be smarter than the canister!"Lol