This is my coworker Lindsay with Chris Young at a backstage Meet-and-Greet last September. She won the pass from the Chris Young fan club. A few days ago I was giving advice on how to win radio contests. That same day I learned Lindsay won TWO MORE contests. She's the winningest person I know, and here's how she does it.

As an employee of the radio station, she's not allowed to enter our contests, but the principles still apply. If you do what she does, you will win some of our contests.

Just in April she won a meet-and-greet with Luke Bryan and a meet-and-greet pass with Jason Aldean -- both at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio, California this weekend.

She's also won a private party concert with Tim McGraw at The Gorge.

Her secret:

"I just sign up for the fan club. It's $20 for the year. There's a list of upcoming shows and you can enter a lottery or contest to win meet-and-greets. As a fan club member you also have access to pre-sale codes, special seating and VIP passes. You still have to buy your ticket to the show, but there are a lot of perks."

She's a member of six fan clubs.

So, kids, what have we learned from Lindsay's story?

1. Enter everything

2. Keep trying!

That's also the secret to winning radio contests. No, go forth and be a winner!