The year was 1993. I was co-hosting a morning show on a rap station in Orlando. I kid you not: a rap station. We were the two dumb white guys in the morning and we were really popular. But as the music got meaner, and couldn't listen to it anymore.
I heard Toby Keith's "Should've Been a Cowboy" and loved it.

I remember that being really popular on the radio at the time and I started listening to Country more and more and more.

Then "Rumor Has It" by CLay Walker came out and I couldn't get enough of it.

When our station got bought by another company they told us not to worry, we could keep our jobs at the rap station. We said, "Actually, we were hoping we could switch to Country." They asked us if we could adapt to a different format. We looked at them incredulously. My partner said, "We're two white guys in our 30s. We're adapting to rap. We are Country!"

So we were sent to San Francisco!

That was the greatest time ever. They were so professional. The studios had glass walls with someone operating the controls on the other side for you just like on that TV show "Frasier." Life was so good I vowed to never go back East. Radio stations east of the Mississippi have "W" call letters while we have "K" call letters (like K-O-R-D). I loved the West so much I told all my friends I'd never work for a "W" station again.

That lasted six months then a company bought our stations and fired everyone!

My program director moved to Detroit and hired us for his morning show there. Guess what the call letters were? "WWWW." I kid you not!

Never say "never" in radio!