The Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover LIVE is coming to Pasco April 11. I've never taken a Dave Ramsey course, but I share his theories. I used to snowball my credit card debt. I got completely out of debt. It took a year and a half. I absolutely never bought anything that wasn't necessary. I never went out to eat (fast food, pizza, or anything).

Then one day I decided, "To hell with it!" and went out and bought a car. Then I needed a truck, so I bought a truck. Then I wanted towels for the bathroom. And now I have credit card debt. Previously I NEVER used a credit card. I put it in a drawer. Then all of a sudden I started pulling out that credit card again.

I probably paid down my credit card $1,000 this month! Every time I get paid for performing I put it toward the credit card. But then whenever I need gas I pull that plastic out again!

I think Dave Ramsey has really clear solutions on how to get out of debt and live debt free. I encourage you to go!