A Facebook friend shared this story this morning. What would YOU do in this difficult situation?

So there's a group of middle school kids that wait here at the elementary school for younger siblings. In 10 minutes I've heard every curse word in the English language. And what's more, the group is all young girls. I'd say ladies, but ladies don't speak that way. What is wrong with this generation? Do their parents know they speak this way? Do they allow it? A good dose of soap in their mouths would probably go along way, as well as a lesson on the benefits of being a lady and how the way they act today will influence a great many things in their future."

I've actually encountered this many times and the way I handle it is to just say, "Hey kids, language! You're at a school." That's it, and it always works.

Here's what the responses were on Facebook:

  • I know right! The other day I want to tell off a young gal cussing next to my kids while she was flirting with some guy...
  • There is WAY too much of it though! Olivia came home Friday and asked what the S word is.
  • It's cause that's how many of their parents speak. Your average 25 to 35 year old has a pretty filthy mouth in my experience.
  • I work with pre-schoolers and it just dumbfounds me how many of them already cuss...
  • Ok, so I guess my question should be what wrong with the generation raising these kids?! Gah
  • Tell the principal.
  • If there are younger kids around when they are swearing I would say something to them! We may not be able to change their ways but we can ask them to stop when they are at the school!
  • I'd like to think that it doesn't matter whether it's a girl or a boy. Boys should be behaving as well as girls or ladies...
  • It really does make you wonder if they know how wrong that is or do they think it is cool to use such words. It is hard not to say something...And you do wonder about the parents.
  • I've had a mouth like a sailor since middle school... It's more about friends than what's at home. My parents didn't curse.
  • Though I think this generation raising kids now has some issues, I'd also say that this sounds like a normal kid experience. I knew what a lot of sexual things were by the time I was in 5th grade.
  • Maybe they are like any other middle schooler trying to impress their friends. That age is when kids are testing limits.
  • Who knows maybe they are just doing it to impress each other...
  • I always try to ask kids to stop that and if I'm nice they are usually respectful. I wish they would make them wait somewhere else.
  • I would have said, " do you kiss your mom with that mouth?" And walked away.
  • I really don't care what their excuse is, they should know better than to talk that way No. 1 in a public place, No. 2 at a school, & No. 3 around small children! Where did manners and proper public behavior standards go?
  • I always say something when I hear this type of language. Sad thing us that many people don't consider it rude.