I was doing some SERIOUS yard work yesterday. I'm sunburned all over. And right in the middle of it these guys from Eastern Europe came by selling some kind of educational program. Point of the story: I couldn't get them to go away! I pointed to my no soliciting sign. I told them no several times. They just ignored me and I had to be rude. I HATE that! I don't mind the families making extra cash selling tamales. I don't mind religious folks or kids selling coupon books for fundraisers. But the professionals who train on how to ignore you as you say, "GET OFF MY YARD" drive me nuts. What do you do?

Now we all know they wouldn't come, and wouldn't persist if people didn't buy. So 'fess up. Have you ever bought?

This one time a guy came to the door and gave a pitch about removing stains from a driveway. I went ahead and let him finish the whole bit before I pointed to my driveway: gravel.
He tried to start in with, "It also..." but I cut him off. I win that round fair and square.
Speaking of people selling driveway stain remover, have you ever seen this viral video. If all solicitors were like THIS guy...