I had to laugh at a story today that read that a woman got cited for riding a horse through a Drive thru at a McDonald's in Whitefield, England.

I remembered doing that all the time in West Richland at a little restaurant called "Green Gage Plum" They were always so nice to me, my friends and my kids as we'd ride through town back when West Richland wasn't that busy of a place. We'd order Cheeseburgers at the drive thru. And no one seemed to mind at all.

The story went on to explain that the staff at McDonalds had banned the woman and the horse from using the drive thru. So, the woman brought her horse inside the lobby of McDonald's where it did it's business on the floor and patrons and staff were very upset.

I guess I can see the reason now for the citing by police.

Still...it's a little bit funny! LOL. ;)