After the wonderful events at the South Ridge Sports Complex on Sunday, I headed out of town with my boyfriend Tony to Potholes Reservoir. We decided to take the horses and go explore!

It took us about an hour and a half to get there. We weren't really sure what areas would be best to ride so we just unloaded the horses in an area that looked good and headed out.

It was beautiful! Very HOT!  But, the view was spectacular. The reservoir is huge. We rode on the opposite side of the reservior in the Potholes Canal area.

We ran into quite a few people fishing. There are a number of small "pots" of water, filled with interesting wildlife.

The terrain was rocky in areas, but we found some small bridle trails that took us around all the potholes and were perfect for horses.

Interesting rock formations can be seen along the cliffs.   It made us feel as if we were seeing things the way Native Americans may have so many years ago.

It was so hot, that I rode in a sports bra and took off my tank top, then somewhere along the ride, I lost my top that I had tucked into my waist band of my pants. So..if you can overlook the fact that I am in a sports bra...The pictures will show you some of what it looked like where we were.

We carried water with us..but NOT enough! So we were pretty parched by the time we made it back to the horse trailer at dusk. Note to self: (and to all of you, if you decide to take a horse ride there.) Bring LOTS of water!

On our way home we stopped at the MarDon Resort Bar & Grill for a burger. The resort camping area is right on a boat launch marina and over looks the water.  It looks like a cool place to pitch a tent, or pull in with an RV. We also saw a camping ground right around the potholes area that we were riding. Right along  one of the good fishing ponds. There was no shade available at those campgrounds though. Where the ones at MarDon were shaded with some trees.

We drove home in the dark, tired but exilerated from a fun exploration of such a beautiful, pristine area.

If you've never been to Potholes Reservoir, you may want to consider making  a day of it.! I think you'll enjoy it! Particularly if you take a companion to ride so you can explore this beautiful area! ( I can't imagine hiking the whole thing on foot!)