The small town of Prosser is a tightly knit community of about 6,000 people. See our photo profile done by Phillip Mudd.This is a place where the wine industry thrives, as well as small businesses, and growing families. Prosser is a great place to live, but also a pleasant place to get away for the weekend.

Prosser was founded in 1899 by a man names Colonel William Farrand Prosser and his wife, who became the first post mistress.The town really began to flourish shortly thereafter with the introduction of the railroad and irrigation. Agriculture now plays a large role in Prosser's economy. A more detailed history is kept in the Benton County Historical Museum.

With the Yakima River snaking along the outskirts of town, Prosser is a lovely location for a stroll across the bridge, or a picnic by the waters' edge. Restaurants and coffee shops offer a variety of options for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you're in the mood for wine tasting, stop by Vintner's Village where there are 13 wineries and couple of great spots to stop and eat. The area boasts 33 wineries in all, and they are packed on event weekends such as The Wine and Food Fair, Spring Barrel Tasting, and Catch the Crush. Other fun events for families take place throughout the year, such as the Balloon Rally and Art Walk in September, Fourth of July fireworks show, and the Prosser Airport Fly-In. As for things to do on a day-to-day basis, Prosserites enjoy their many parks and a new public pool, an athletic center, a family owned roller rink, a skate park, and a five mile long bike trial.

For KORD's documentation of our small town listeners, we had Phillip Mudd head out to Prosser and snap a few photos. They are organized in categories below, check it out!

The facilities are small, but the teachers and students here create a gracious and welcoming environment for all. The school district has been trying to pass a bill for a new high school for years that would be big enough to accommodate all 900+ students.

The most scenic views are of the river and the sprawling hillsides. There is a viewpoint atop the hill where you can catch a breathtaking view of the whole valley and see both Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams on clear days.

The Yakima river is shallow and narrow, but boats and jetskies still brave the waters in the summertime. There are several spots around town that are ideal for fishing- the best being Crawford Park.

There are 8 parks scattered around Prosser, and the photos here are of the City Park across from the high school. Here you can find a stage area, kids toys, and a basketball court.

There are also several art pieces such as murals and statues situated throughout the town. The photos here are of an early mural painted on the side of an antique shop downtown.

The Benton County Courthouse is one of the most scenic buildings in town. It's regal columns tell how proud the community is to be the Benton County seat.

The Historic Downtown Prosser Association works hard to maintain that unique Prosser look. The downtown area is vibrant and lively, and the home to several quaint shops including home decor, antiques, and jewelry.

Places like the Boys and Girls Club are cornerstones for the town, as well as the Farmer's Market which is held every Saturday in the summer and every other Saturday November though April.

Some businesses come and go, and others are well established and have been around for decades. Either way, Prosser businesses always have something fun to offer!

If you're looking for somewhere to stay for a night or two in the town of Prosser you have many options, it just depends what you are looking for. There are hotels and motels, RV parks and camping locations, and several charming bed and breakfasts.