My how times have changed. I can remember going camping or on trips with my parents. We loaded the family along with everything else we might need into our Dreamer camper, and it was down the road we went. It was some of the best times of my life, but looking back, six people sleeping in one camper was a little cramped. Fast foreword 35 years, and the RV has taken one giant step into comforts of home. While at the TRAC this week I had the chance to walk around and look at some of the RVs that Russ Dean had at their off-site sale. Yikes! Fireplaces, big screen TVs, king sized beds, washer dryers, the list goes on and on. check them out here.


How about an RV with a porch, yes they do make them.











Here is the inside out view








There are many different types RV's to choose from, and yes I could live in one if I had to. Thank to Dave and the Russ Dean crew for having us out this week end. See you next time