This is so cool I think!

You all know I'm a big fan of Wendy's because they have such awesome salads! And often if I'm in a hurry and want something healthy, I stop by their drive thru. Plus...gotta confess, I love the Frosty's. So...Check this out:

When you donate $5 to the particular charity that has Wendy's buck's, you get 5 Wendy's buck coupons, plus a key tag for a free junior frosty (just my size) that you can use for the whole 2014 year every time you buy something from Wendy's! So you instantly get your $5 back! I thought that was so cool!

I guess the owner donates these Wendy's "Bucks" to non profits trying to raise monies) Very creative I think!. I guess he's given away about $ 90,000 worth already!

So here's to Wendy's! I absolutely LOVE their salads! Oh and of course their I hardly ever let myself eat!) But they are soooo yummy!