I'm supposed to blog about what I do off the air. Well, buckle your seat belts people.
It's my son's graduation party this weekend. Here's what that means:

  • 1

    Help! I need golf clubs stat!

    My son wants golf clubs for his graduation present. Ever since watching "The Legend of Bagger Vance" he wants to take up golf. I want to start him off on some used clubs, but no one on Facebook is coming through for me. Do you know anyone trying to offload some?

  • 2

    Gotta go to the store -- I need $150 in meat

    I'm making shishkabobs -- shrimp, beef and chicken -- for 60 people. Plus drinks and salads!

  • 3

    Clean off the deck

    I need to spray wash everything and clean up my backyard. I've got 50-60 people coming over and I need places for them to sit.

  • 4

    Mix punch

    I need beverages for up to 75 people and to fit the theme we need some punch.

  • 5


    I got them out already, now I just need to put them up.

  • 6

    Video slide show

    When am I going to have time for this?! There's no way this is getting done! I'll have to start scanning photos tonight. So much for sleeping.

  • 7

    Tables and chairs for 60 people

    I already picked them up, I just need to set them up -- after cleaning the deck.

  • 8

    Make salads

    Fruit salads, veggie salads -- I predict I'll look like the Swedish Chef before this week is through.

  • 9

    Remind his mom to make the nacho bar

    Adults get meat, kids get nachos!

  • 10

    Remind my mom to make Texas Sheet Cakes

    When I asked my son what he wanted for his party, he said, "Just one thing. Sheet cakes. Plural." In fact, he wants his own that he can hide from the party and eat off of all next week!