Kids love geodes, and sometimes collectors are just trying to grid of them. Yard sales, pawn shops and hobby stores sometimes have them for dirt cheap or free. Well, if you give a kid a geode they'll love it. If you let them think they've DISCOVERED a geode, then you've made their year! Here's what I recommend:

One time when my two boys were little and they were at that stage where they're always filling their pockets with rocks, I visited my friend the rock collector. She had a couple geode chunks she let me take for free.

I hid them until we were on vacation.

It happened that we were staying at a cabin and I took my boys to look for rocks at a stream nearby. I went up stream a little and placed the geodes in the sand. Then I came back.

As my boys made their way up the stream, they discovered the geodes all by themselves and thought they had real diamonds.

Giving your kids geodes = good parent.

Letting your kids discover geodes = priceless memories.