Yesterday a man passing through our area, Skip Abbeet, stopped by and scraped our sidewalk for some of Greg Delange's clothes. Today I came out of the KORD studio and found this guy, who said he would salt the stairs for cake, gotcha covered. This gentleman had some sort of accent, Russian maybe. The best as I can make out, his name was, Skidda Mark Innamyshorts. Unlike Skip, Skidda was very loud and Hungary, and didn't mind telling me or anyone who would listen how he was once a great leader of men. Through the broken English, the best that I can gather is Mr. Innamyshorts and his followers wanted to be the first humans to put a goat onto the moon. Why you ask, your guess is as good as mine. He told me they could have done it, they had the goats, but coming up with a rocket was a little harder than they expected. After about ten minutes of pure psychobabble, Skidda filled his pockets with the rock salt, grabbed his cake and was headed west on A Street. I told him it was suppose to get warmer in the next few days, and that we probably wouldn't need anymore outside help for a while. I love to help people, and you can as well. With all of this cold weather, be sure to donate blankets, coats, clothes etc. to the Union Gospel Mission in Pasco, everyone could use a hand every now and again, Right Skidda?