You know I'm not a good sleeper, so I've become quite the Netflix Junkie.

My most recent is "Army Wives" and I gotta say "Roland Burton" the psychologist husband of Lt Joan Burton has gone on my record for the most amazing husband on earth! Of course we all know he's an "actor" and real men probably don't come this understanding, calm, caring, compassionate, intelligent as well as beautifully built. But for sure he's a favorite!

Another one of my favorites for a perfect TV husband would be of course Mr. Patrick Demsy who was "Derek Shepard" in Grey's Anatomy.

It's nice to be able to see at least on television men with character, honesty, and integrity. We see so little of that now days from men. Kind of sad. I know they are out there. But they apparently are very few and far between.

Who's your favorite TV hubby?