I was watching the History channel last night, and they were giving the history of the St. Valentine's Day Massacare in chicago in the late 20's. That whole era was fasinating, the economy was booming, then you had proabition, but through it all Mobsters made a ton money. As I was watching, i realized those guy's had the coolest nicknames, it was almost a right of passage to have one. Anthony "Tony Bagels" Cavezza, Vincenzo "Vinny Carwash" Frogiero, and Joseph "Junior Lollipops" Carna were some of my favorites. But it got me thinking, what if the wiseguys didn't like you so much, you could end up with a crappy nickname. So here now are my 10 worst mob nicknames. Now after you read mine, I need you to give me a nickname. If I pick your nickname I will give you a super duper prize. Now, my list.

10) Joe "Squishy" Tatono

9) Jimbo "Pimplehead" Lazono

8) Tony "Can't get a date" Granotto

7) Anthany "Skidmarks" Atorio

6) Francisco " Pretty Flower" Lorenzo

5) Alvin "Booger Eater" Fratto

4) Rocco " Potty Pants" Mcginn

3) Frankie "Sweat Stains" Francesco

2) Pauly "The Snuggler"Bagtagilia

1) Joseph " The Bleeder" Castanza

There are mine, give me your worst mob names, and give me a bad mob nickname