What is a good home remedy for a stuffy head? First my grandson was sick, and he came over to visit and spread the wealth. Then my wife got sick with a head infection, throat infection and some sort of foot rot. Now it appears it is my turn. Have you ever had your head so full of mucus it feels like a bag of sand? At certain times through out the day, does your sinus cavities sound like shifting ice blocks? If so,welcome to my world. Back in the day my mom would rub vicks on everything and send me to bed, and by morning you would feel better. Now days their are so many strains of crap out there, it takes a doctor, a nurse and two physics to figure out what kind of bug has invaded your body. The best part of being sick is you get taken care of. If you don't over do it with the whining, it's hot soup, tea and grilled cheese sandwiches heaven. If you ring the bell to many times, they start asking questions about the severity of your sickness, and once the sympathy is gone so is the pampering. Remember if your sick, don't go to work unless you really don't like the people you work with. If that's the case, I say go in early and lick everyone's coffee cup. I hope the flu bug flies right by you this year. What is your favorite home remedy for a stuffy head?