Yes according to sources, George Washington was really our ninth President, let me explain.

According to the book, Contrary(to popular belief), Ole GW wasn't really the first father of our country.The United States was established on July 4, 1776. George Washington was inaugurated president thirteen years later, on April 30, 1789. During the intervening years, the second continental Congress in Philidelphia drew up the Articles of confederation ( the first American constitution). In 1781, Maryland representative John Hanson was elected the first president of the congress of the confederation. His official title was "president of the United States in Congress Assembled". After Hanson, seven other men served as president. In 1787, congress held a constitutional convention. The delegates wrote the current constitution, ratified by the states in 1788. The following year, the ratifying states elected Washington our nations ninth president ( but the first president under the new constitution). So happy Birthday John Hanson