It's a time honored tradition in the summer along with's all American and it's coming to a town near even has it's own song. We're talking about the Oscar Mayer Weiner and The Weinermobile! The Weinermobile is now 75 years old!

Driving cross-country in small-bus-size hot dog is kind of a big deal.

Between 1,000 and 1,500 college seniors apply for the 12 posts driving Oscar Mayer’s six Wienermobiles.

“The lucky dogs who cut the mustard are known as ‘hotdoggers,’ ” said Reese Brammel, a hotdogger who just graduated from the University of Kentucky.

These Hotdoggers even have their own blog! Check it out! HOTDOGGER BLOG

The Wienermobile was born in 1936, when Carl Mayer approached his uncle Oscar with the idea of driving a giant hot dog through Chicago streets, selling Oscar Mayer wieners. Over the years, the Wienermobile developed from a smallish 13-foot affair (Carl Mayer drove around with his head sticking through a hole in the roof) into a fleet of mobile marketing hot spots. Children in the ’50s and ’60s knew to look out for the Wienermobile. Oh yeah who has a weenie whistle?

Hotdoggers get a 40-hour training session to learn to operate their Weinermobile, which is named “Oh I Wish.” Each of the six vehicles has an Oscar Mayer nickname, as do all 12 hotdoggers. “Reese with Relish” and “Lucky Dog Lauren” said they worked with the other hotdoggers to brainstorm on their nicknames. And they operate it well. The ride is a little smoother than that of a yellow school bus.

Seeing the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is a big deal when you are a kid....guess what? I'm still a kid!