Spent a few days with my kids in Seattle. The weather was just perfect! It's so beautiful there and reminds me a lot of my home town of Santa Cruz.

If you're fortunate to get great weather when your in that area..it's tempting to  just pick up and move there! But as we know it can be damp and gloomy a good part of the year.

It was so fun to see my kids and we ate at so many great restaurants and had fun seeing the music scene at venues as well as on the street.

I got the scoop on the "street corner performing", I'm going to do it ya know..funny,  I know! but it's on my bucket list!  I perform almost every weekend here in Tri-Cities, but I've never done it outside on a street corner!  I just wonder what it would feel like. So I'll be doing that! Hopefully on a good weather day!  I'll be sure to post it, so we can all get a good giggle!

Just walking around the Seattle Area, is entertaining. And the people seem to be so friendly. And the shopping is great. And of course it's nice to be on the water.

One of my favorite things is all the flowers at the Pike Street Market Place.

Here's some pics from our fun time! This was the same trip that I saw Josh Krajcik and I posted pics of that night in a different post.