I read an article about how tough times are getting for middle and lower class families here in the United States, and how more and more people are turning to not so legal ways to make ends meet. Everything from credit card scams to drug sales, but i found another article that takes it to a whole new level. Apparently law enforcement in some states are looking into the growing trend of stealing large amounts of.....wait for it......Tide detergent. Yes, soap. Tide is popular and recognizable product, and is easy to unload on the black market. Look you may be a killer or a drug dealer, but you still want your clothes to be clean smelling fresh. Plus, it's not like stealing guns or TVs, there's no serial numbers, and it's not illegal to haul detergent around in your car with out a proof of purchase. The article said because Tide is expensive in stores, it's easy to get 5 to 10 dollars a bottle on the street. Police in Minnesota caught a man who had stolen $25,000 worth of Tide in a little over a year. I can see it now, Tide swat teams busting into laundromats, guns drawn looking for hot boxes of Tide. Grandma's doing their laundry in fear of being busted down by the man, and when they're caught they swear it's the first time they ever used stolen soap. Save it for the Judge Grandma! Have things gotten so bad, we are now stealing household products from stores, and selling them in some dark alley, or instead of a 'Crack House', we have ' Detergent Houses' popping up in our neighborhoods. Say it ain't so Joe. Beware, can fabric softener be far behind?