Holidays are right around the corner and as I was cleaning up the KORD studio this morning I found Greg's wishlist for Christmas.

But wait a second! Christmas is still a ways off. And this has actually become pretty mainstream. I mean aren't there fitness clubs and dance studios that teach classes in pole dancing?

This story came from the Huffington Post There is a new company that has built a mobile dance pole! Theya re called Platinum Stages So I'm thinking Christmas? No I'm thinking your next tailgate party!

Greg is such a cool guy! He wants a dancing pole to benefit the health and fitness of just not girls but guys too!  Hook that pole hitch up to his pickup and Greg will be the hit of the next tailgate party. Now you don't have to go to a club to see pole dancing. You can just back it right up into the driveway!

Boy just wait til he sees Bear working that pole!