Last week end my morning show Partner and his new girlfriend were vacationing in the Phillipines, when all hell broke loose. Apparently after a night of  dining, dancing and drinking, Greg's new girlfriend woke up with a big pounding head ache, and decided to go lay in the sun to help sweat out the booze. It was no surprise the two of them felt pretty bad, they started their bender the night before with a local drink called a 'Fish Fry'. Three types of rum, two shots of tequila, one orange, half a pineapple and a fresh, gutted Piranha all together with some ice in a blender. Let the games begin. The next morning Greg's girlfriend noticed the pool at the hotel was closed for repair, so she decided to walk to the river and sun bathe. It wasn't long before the sun mixed with booze put her into a semi-coma. The following video is what happened when she woke up and discovered the locals mistook her for something else all together. Sadly the Phillipine government would not release his girl friend back to Greg, not believing something that hideous, and scaly could be trusted, Greg has appealed that ruling and is awaiting an answer.