Ok, before we go any further...yes!  I called myself Fat and skinny. It's my blog, my pictures and my body. I will call myself whatever I want...lol..Don't get PC on me.

A few weeks ago I was approached by "Dynamic Fat Loss" and they wanted to know if I wanted to loose weight. At that point I was tipping the scale at 195lbs (the heaviest I have ever weighed) and worried about going past the 200 mark. It all started with 5, 10,15, 20lb weight gain. My BMI says I should be at 165-170lbs.

I really didn't pay much attention to what the national BMI said...I base it on how I feel in my own skin. I definitely didn't feel like Greg.

Greg DeLange

I started the program and took all of my Dynamic fat loss information to the grocery store. I stuck to the list of foods allowed to eat and of course watched the portions. Believe it or not it wasn't very difficult! veggies, fruit, fish , chicken are all some of my faves!!! The only difficulties were breads!...ugh...delicious breads & pastas.

Fast forward 40+ days later and I lost the 20lbs! I can now fit into my pair of 32inch waist pants I kept...all of my shirts are to big for me...I have to use a belt to keep my pants up!!

Finally I'm feeling like my old self...If you've gained weight, keep telling yourself maybe I will start a diet tomorrow, don't really know how to start and want to change your life style...then you owe it to yourself to give Dynamic Fat loss a Call .....844-BYBYFAT

Greg DeLange

New Location! in Kennewick
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Greg DeLange

Left Photo is me at 195lbs....right photo 175lbs....trust me, you would see a bigger difference if I took off my shirt....Not gonna do it!!