My Sister Beth Haggett (formally of Kennewick)  and her husband Tim, are celebrating their 34th Wedding Anniversary today! (Pictured here with a few of their Grandchildren at their cabin in Montana. They have two twin grand babies too to add to this bunch!)

My Sis Beth shared some "Words of Advice" in honor of their Anniversary of 34 years!

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing sister. She is one of the most brilliant and Incredible people I know. Beth's hubby Tim, is just as amazing! They are a very fortunate couple. And in her words this is why:

"Some thoughts I had this morning about some of what makes our marriage work so well after 34 years. Thought I would share if anyone is interested:-) With a total of 20 divorces between all of our biological parents we have had to work VERY HARD to learn these things together and do it different than our parents did. It shows that no matter our history we can do things better if we are determined.

A few things we have been good about and that made a difference are:

Never saying anything truly mean to each other! We’ve never gotten out the big guns or used things we knew to hurt the other!
We are always willing to look at ourselves and be open to changing to improve the relationship.
Both of us try individually to be better people
We say prayers together each night which helps us stay close and keeps God at the fore of our relationship
We try to support each other’s personal growth
We ask for what we want/need
We have gone on dates every week for our whole relationship
We are trustworthy and also work to trust each other and overcome our own insecurities
We do things to serve each other
We still say “thank you” for little things like doing laundry and dishes
We work together on projects (well at least dad helps me with mine:-)
We try to give each other the benefit of the doubt

In all the years we have been married neither of us has ever yelled at the other or called the other a name. We have had plenty of fights and arguments but they still have an element of respect for the other as a valuable human being".

My Sis Beth A. Haggett has her PhD in "Mind Body Medicine" from Saybrook University and counsels individuals and families at Extraordinary Matters LLC Midway Utah.