A few weeks ago I started going to Scott at Advanced Fitness Solutions! He's been spending an hour a week with me, showing me exercises that I can do using mostly just my own body weight. These are exercises I can do right at home to tone, tighten and strengthen all different areas of my body.

So, today about half way through my workout, we decided to start filming some exercises so I can show you what we are doing.

We backed up a bit to show you how I started and worked up to what I'm doing currently.

These next videos are exercises that Scott had me do the first week. We will video some each week, so we can show you and you can get fit along with me, okay?

These are things you can do in your own home. Without fancy equipment.

However, I have to admit, it sure helps to have Scott hold me accountable and basically make work me out. I find it difficult to stay motivated.

But you, too, can call Scott. He's awesome! Today I felt awful when I got there. I ate a whole huge box of Milk Duds over the past few days and I was feeling bad about it. Plus, I just really didn't feel well at all. If I was home I probably wouldn't have been able to workout by myself. But with Scott there, I had an awesome workout and feel great now! Amazing how exercise totally changes how you feel mentally! So glad I went today! (And I had wanted to cancel!)

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And we can get fit together!

I was actually doing that last part wrong. Here is the correct way to do them.