Two years ago while cleaning out my office I stumbled upon some old tapes of 99.3 The Bull in Yakima (KORD's sister station) featuring long-time DJ "Hutch." Not a day goes by that I don't think about Hutch, his great laugh and caring personality. So when I found a tape of him speaking to George and Nancy Jones, I had to share it with you! Celebrities usually don't just call a radio station out of the blue like this.

Radio is one of the most interesting jobs you could have, and this interview reminds me just how much fun it can be!

George Jones was on his way to Yakima to play a show with his wife, Nancy, in the car. They were listening and Nancy decided to call the radio station to say she heard the promo. It's great to hear the interaction between Nancy and George in the background.

Listen to Nancy Jones call Hutch:

You can tell that Hutch didn't know she was George Jones' wife until a few moments into it. She said, "Do you know who Nancy Jones is? ...Shut up, George!" That's when it sounds like Hutch figured it out. Hutch didn't catch on immediately. You can picture them in the car with George Jones shaking his head when Nancy said, "He's giving me one of these head shakes like I done messed up."

Then she put George on the phone. As George said, "Hutch, I'll call you back," and by golly he did!

Listen to George Jones actually call Hutch back:

A man of his word. "I had to call you back since I made a promise, there." That's true class. He goes on to say his wife is very embarrassed because he didn't know that she was going to be put on the air. He, then, uses his time to promote the show and how good of a time everyone was going to have.

George: "Y'all are doing a great job!"
Hutch: "Sir, I thank you for that. I'll see you tomorrow and I'm going to be the one that's whooping and hollering the loudest."
George: "Well, good Hutch."

He also mentions how great the radio station is doing - an endorsement from George Jones is something you can't put a price on!

Thank you Nancy for still having fun and taking time to call The Bull. What great memories!