We were telling funny Halloween stories on Tuesday and asked you to tell us yours. Here's what you said:

  • I blacked out after chugging three-fourths of a bottle of 151 Run, then went to Denny's after the party and laid in the bathroom with my feet hanging out from underneath the stall. I'm lucky I didn't get alcohol poisoning but I still think it was funny from all the stories people told me. They said I was the best drunk ever.
  • I am a woman and went to a party as a cowboy with another couple. I was so convincing as a cowboy that someone came up and told me to leave the other girl I was with alone as she was a married woman! We laughed our heads off. Later that night at a different party I almost got kicked out because they didn't want any rednecks! My husband had to tell them I was his wife!
  • We went to a party that ended up being a SWINGER'S Halloween party! Not expected.
  • My friends knew I was deathly afraid of clowns and invited me to a party saying it was a zombie party. I love zombies. When I got there all the lights were out and I thought it was for dramatic effect. Once I got far enough in they turned on the lights and I WAS SURROUNDED BY CLOWNS! It was so bad I really did pee myself!
  • I always ask for a trick when kids say, "Trick or Treat." Half just stare at you wondering "WTF is this guy's problem -- just give me the candy."
  • In high school, two girls who really did not like one another both dressed as Elvira. They won a prize for best "twin" at the party. They were furious.
  • My sister's eyelashes fell off into her drink.
  • While standing in line for a haunted house I was chased by a man in a mask holding a chainsaw. I ran and hid in the car. When I looked up HE JUMPED ON THE HOOD of the car! He scared me so bad that it has taken me 35 years to get the nerve to go to another one (which happened to be Terror Behind The Screen).
  • I dressed up as a character from 'Thriller' and nobody knew who I was!
  • I work as a nurse and all my friends from the hospital showed up as doctors and nurses.
  • My son got dog bones covered with chocolate!
  • I answered my door where an evil swine mask and instead of being scared the little girl said, "Trick or Treat you nasty pig."

Terror Behind the Screen -- our 8,000-square-foot haunted house -- is open tonight (6-10 p.m.), Friday and Saturday (6-11 p.m.) for only $10. It's the largest and scariest in the Tri-Cities. After this weekend the final day is Halloween from 6-10 p.m.