Lots of people in this area live in a more rural area and have irrigation, well water and outside freezing issues all during the winter.

With the latest spell of cold weather, even lots of people experienced frozen water pipes.

Some of the things that are helpful is to cover outside water faucets with insulated protectors. Close the vents around the base of your house as well. This will also keep your house warmer.

For outside faucets to water animals, heat tape and insulation will keep them from freezing. Using a safe heat light will also help to put under the house.

If you have well pump bladders, it's important to get insulated covers for them and keep a low volume heater in the area of the bladders. Sometimes a light bulb can be placed under the house as well for water pipes but you need to make sure it's a safely away from anything that can cause a fire.

And if your pipes freeze. They say do NOT use a torch on them. I've actually done that in the past, and it was okay... but they say it can break your pipes. Better to use a hairdryer and slowly bring your pipes back up to a thawed temperature.

It's also so important to make sure your pets have fresh unfrozen water to drink. Purchasing buckets that have coil heaters in them are very helpful. I got mine at Ranch and Home in Kennewick.