Yesterday Forbes Magazine published an excellent story yesterday morning about Toby Keith written by Zach O'Malley Greenburg. It claimed the Solo Cup lover has made $500 million in his career and regularly makes tens of millions every year. Surprised? Here's how he does it.

1. Keith has released a No. 1 song every year of his career.
2. Endorsements. He's got a very lucrative deal with Ford.
3. Investments. For example, he owns a piece of Taylor Swift (I don't know which piece, but I hope it's not her hair -- that changes all the time. Or her heart... because it's always breaking).
4. Entrepreneurship. He owns a chain of bars named after his "I Love This Bar" song. He also owns an adult beverage label.
5. Tours. He can make $1 million on a single concert.

According to the article, Keith's money-making talents are unique in the industry:

FORBES estimates that Keith pulled in $65 million over the last 12 months–more than any musician not named Madonna, Lady Gaga or Bon Jovi, and easily outpacing masters of product extension like Jay-Z ($42 million), Beyoncé ($53 million) and Jennifer Lopez ($45 million)....

Keith has never earned less than $48 million in a year. His cumulative take over that period: $270 million. Over his entire career–Keith has written a No. 1 country hit every year for the past two decades–his total earnings surpass $500 million."

No wonder Toby loves to sing about America!