I was reading a story about a Cockatiel who flew out the front door of his house and disappeared, leaving the owners a little panicked. Debbie and Karri Zuidema who live in Helena Montana were getting ready for work one morning, when they opened the door, Zoey the six year old Cockatiel flew  the coop, and in moments was out of site. The two drove around the neighborhood looking for the bird, but it was no use. They put an ad in the local paper and hoped for the best, well the best came the next day. Dave Madden was taking his German shorthaired pointer Bella for a walk near the airport when she stopped and went on point. Dave said he thought it might be quail, but the bird didn't flush. Dave moved in, and picked the bird up and took it home and fed and watered it, and then found the ad in the paper for the missing Cockatiel. Two days later owner and bird were reunited. This was a story I could relate to, I to had a Cockatiel that flew out of my apartment and flew away. I was leaving for work one day and thought my bird, Sh*#head was in his cage, I was wrong. It was a hot, windy summer day so when he flew out the front door the wind just took him away in a hurry. I rode my ten speed around the neighborhood, I could actually hear him squawking, but couldn't hear him. It was getting late and I had to get to work. I saw three kids on their bikes, they were maybe 10 or eleven years old. I told them what happened, and said If they could find and catch my bird I would give them a little reward. I figured with the wind speed and a bird that had never been outside before, sh*#head was a gonner. I'm really not sure how I got that bird in the first place. I would let him out of his cage when I got home and he would just sit on my shoulder on squawk until I turned on the water in the sink. He would sit in the sink and shower at least 4 times a week. At night he would sit on my chest, bite my chin until he got tired and would fall asleep under my chin. One time he tried to walk across a piece of my pizza, and got stuck. His little feet got stuck in the cheese, he was mad. Well, long story short, when I got home from work that night, there was a message on my answering machine. Those kids tracked that bird down, climbed a tree and caught sh*#head, and I went over and picked him up the next day. Dumb bird cost me 25 bucks.