I got flocked with pink Flamingos - be on the look out - you could be next!

Imagine coming home to a yard filled with pink Flamingos.  If you know me, you know that I'm very particular about how I keep my yard.  Anything plastic or pink in my yard puts me in panic mode. I needed to get them out and fast!

The Tri-City Figure Skating Club is a non-profit organization and this is their fundraising scheme. Using the element of surprise a team of Ninja Figure Skaters and supportive parents will stake the birds in the yard of your choice for $20!

There is a small $5.00 fee for flamingo removal or better yet, you can fill out a form and flock someone else for $20. If you'd like to join the party call 509-430-1721.  Be sure and tell them Paul from KORD sent you!

Flocking is done in the spirit of fun and is not meant to be in any way malicious.  Flock removal does not require payment.  For more information go to tcfigureskatingclub.org.