Gone are the days when if you did not want to go into the grocery store your mom would say "Fine! Stay in the car!".  Can't do that these days especially what happen to some kids in the Walmart Parking lot in Kennewick. A 13 yr and his 7 yr old brother were in  the  car with the windows up and the air conditioning running while mom and their 4 yr old sister were inside shopping.

A man later identified as Christopher S Olson of Kennewick was arrested. Olson according to Tri City Herald news approached the vehicle, flashed his wallet as if to show ID and then demanded that the boys roll down the window.  Olson convinced the boys to walk into the store with him when he told them that their mother could be arrested for leaving them in the car.

According to Kennewick police this could have been a very tragic story but Olson was arrested on several charges including impersonating a public official and also fourth degree assault. They were able to locate Olson in the Walmart parking lot in his car which also contained at least nine empty Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles.

Mom and dad. It is your responsibility to tell your kids what to do if approached by strangers.  Officer Ken Lattin of the KPD says "This is a good reminder to parents or caregivers to always have a plan established with your children on what to do if a stranger approaches them," Lattin goes on to say. "In this situation, it would have been best for the children to keep the doors locked and call 911 when the stranger tried to get them to open the car door."