I was saddened to hear of Mindy McCready's Suicide and  compelled to say a few things about it. 

Everytime I hear of someone taking thier own life, my heart goes out to them because I can relate to that deep sense of wanting pain to end too.

I know that it is easy for us to be angry or judge why a person can do something so tragic and saddening for all those left behind. But, I understand.

Life for some of us,seems to be governed by emotions rather than rational thought. It's just in our genetic makeup or something.

And for those of us that DON'T have that tendency, it's nearly impossible to imagine. But, for those of us who do, we can understand and relate. My heart  goes out to Mindy, knowing she was just at the end of her rope and exhausted with trying any longer.

A good friend reminded me just yesterday that because I'm a musician, we are geared to be more "right brain" oriented instead of left brain thinkers.

So maybe it's just that simple. Maybe people who have tragic childhoods or trauma in thier life, tend to lean toward music to ease thier pain. Or maybe we were geared to be right brain creative types who feel a little too much right from the beginning! I don't know...

But, I do know that the "unconditional positive regard" that comes from wonderful people in our life, like our family, and like you listeners who become lifetime friends, help make life worth living and give support when it feels that there is none. So, thank you for that!!

Whatever the reasons, life is just tough for so many!

I feel immense joy in my life, but there are certainly times, when I feel pain so deep that It is nearly unbearable.

So, send up a prayer for Mindy and understand that she did the best she could do and just couldn't take it anymore. I hope she finds peace and comfort in the arms of our lord.