In August 1993, a young, beautiful, very-talented woman walked into the KORD studio. Poor thing couldn't take her eyes off of me.

Faith was traveling from Portland to Spokane on a radio tour; that's what country stars used to do. Her manager asked if they could stop by our studio on the way through and spend some time with the morning crew. Come on, how do you say no to that beautiful smile?

Faith ended up spending about two hours with us. We played four or five songs off her debut album, 'Take Me As I Am' released October of '93. I remember playing 'Wild One,' and thinking this song was going straight to the top. As the first single, it did.

We had a great time; we laughed, sang songs, and I thought we really bonded -- I mean check out the photo! We were happy then!

The one thing I told Faith before she left was that I knew she was going to be a superstar -- she just had that something -- and I asked her to never forget us little guys.

Well, she drove off and we know how that went for me; she was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess the most hurtful part was finding out about Tim McGraw in the trade magazines -- no phone call, no card in the mail saying she was moving on, nothing.

She seems happy so I guess I should move on, and my wife would agree to that, oddly enough. So Faith, if you read this and see our photo, I hope it's not too painful dragging up those lost feelings we had for brief moment in time when the world stopped and we shared a memory on a sunny August morning in 1993.