The Easter eggs had sat in the garage fridge the required two weeks. No one had bothered to eat them, so it was time for a little thing me and Conner call the 'Post Easter egg scramble' This year we had just under two dozen hard boiled golf eggs. Let the games begin. The number one objective in egg golf is not distance, in fact if it rolls at all, you're doing it wrong, you want a good yoke spread. A well hit egg should look like the mist from a squirt bottle, thousands of pieces gently floating to the grassy surface. Or, if you're like me and Conner you hit it just enough to separate the egg white from the yoke, that way Duke (the dog) has something to eat, in fact he took an egg right off of the tee before Conner could hit it. Conner has the egg demolition down to a science, after hitting the egg he keeps on hitting it around the yard until it is good and scrambled, or until Duke has eaten it. After all those eggs, I'm glad Duke sleeps in Tyler's room. This fall we will be hitting the old tomatoes off of tees, which is a whole new kind of mess. If your feeling a little down, grab some old left overs from the fridge, take them to the backyard and whack the crap out of them. Note: Steer clear of meat products, bread, any type of noodles, and never anything from Tupperware. What's the strangest thing you have ever hit with a golf club?