There's a new show on GAC called Moving Country, about families moving from city to city. Radio people are famous for moving a lot, either to get to a bigger market or because they got fired due to low ratings or the station just wanted to "go in a different direction." There are some that have managed to stay in the same market for 20 or 30 years, often moving from station to station. I am happy to say that my moving days are over, but here's my moving resume over 30 years of radio:

Butte, MT to Lubbock, TX
Lubbock to Odessa/Midland, TX
Odessa/Midland to Lake Tahoe, NV
Lake Tahoe to New Orleans
New Orleans to Philadelphia
Philly to Chicago
Chicago to Orlando
Orlando to San Francisco
SF to Detroit
Detroit to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh to Sacramento
Sacramento to Reno
Reno to Wasilla, AK
AK to Tri-Cities, WA