#1.)  Everyone's Turned On By Abs.  Everyone's into NICE ABS.  According to a new survey, BOTH men and women say a six-pack is the top physical feature they're attracted to.

The top three things women want in a man are six-pack abs, muscular arms, and nice pecs.  The top three things men want in a woman are six-pack abs, a good butt, and firm thighs.  (Daily Mail)

#2.)  Do Women Have Too Many Shoes?  In a new survey, more than 90% of men say their wife or girlfriend has TOO MANY SHOES.  Only 42% of women agree.  (Courier Mail)

#3.)  Dinner Parties Are Dead.  According to a survey of young couples, 98% have NEVER thrown a dinner party.  The survey also found that 80% check their phones when they're eating dinner with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  (FemaleFirst)