When I rescued my Rotweiler/Hound Dog about 5 years she and I bonded. Hence, she has the WORST separation anxiety issues I've ever seen with a dog. She used to tear apart the house to get outside if I was out, and tear it apart to get in if I was in.

I've spent thousands of dollars on carpet, garage insulation, fencing, etc to repair the damage she has caused. I had sor tof given up to keeping her outside EVER unless it's just to let her out to go potty. She had become fine to leave inside the house while I was at work. But I thought she might be lonely. So, I got her a playmate.

My Purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback that is now a year old  is hell on four legs and could not be left inside or I wouldn't have a sofa when I got home. He's a chewer! So, to say the least, it has been a challenging year. Him barking relentlessly outside to come in where she is, or her freaking out outside tearing apart the fence and everything in her way to get back in.

For awhile I resorted to just letting them both be inside and using a doggy door to go out. But there went the carpet! And with winter, the doggy door is too cold. So, I got them a really nice insulated dog house and now I've put up electric fence to try to keep them in the yard while I'm at work. It's got to be the worst electric fence installation EVER! Cause I'm not good at that kind of thing...but So far it's working! Yay! Please note: My Dog yard, that used to be beautifully landscaped with lovely sod and curbing and river rockl! Yikes...it's a hell hole now.!  It's a good thing I love them so much!~ Because this is making me CRAZY! But, hey...I guess I should have known better!

Here's the video.