Temperatures are expected to soar to the 90's by the end of the weekend and into next week!

I love the HOT temps, but often times my DOG does NOT! I know we all love our dogs and want to take them places with us, but please remember that leaving your pet in a hot car  even for just minutes, while you run into a store can kill them.

Always take your pet out of a car when you go in ANYWHERE! Unless of course there is someone else in there that can keep an eye on your car while you leave it running with the air conditioning on.

And just like you, at home when it's hot outside, your pets need protection from the heat. If you have to leave your pets outside, make sure you leave a sprinkler on or a kiddie pool for your pet to cool off in. And make sure your pet has some shade to get out of the sun! And Lots of fresh water to drink!

Please take care of your furry friends, no matter what kind they are!