Right out of Spy vs Spy or a crime detective show people are creating fake profiles to spy on their kids or other people.

The fears of a generation have been confirmed. A new survey reveals that more than 50% of parents use social media as a way of spying on their children and that even more would do so if they knew how.

The survey of 2,000 parents, carried out by OnePoll, found that 55% of respondents use social media to track their kids' online activities, with a further 5% admitting that, if they knew how to do the same thing, they would.

 People are creating fake profiles on social media sites or dating sites to portray a fake person. Obviously being played by such a person is low and betrays trust in a relationship that may already exsist.

Parents already have a hard enough time getting the truth from their kids as to what they are doing and who they have been hanging out with. So what is the solution?

In this poll 11% of those polled admit they created a Facebook profile purely to track their children, with 13% saying that they have logged onto friends' accounts to check up on their children, some doing so after attempting to friend their kids and being rejected—15% of those polled have tried to friend their kids on Facebook, with 4% of them getting rejected.

So now the youth of the world may be a little depressed about all this bad news that their parents may be spying on them on Facebook. But hey it beats giving a blood sample!