The Seattle Seahawks will play the New Orleans Saints this Saturday in the first NFC wildcard game, and according to every football expert you hear they do not have a snowballs chance in HE double toothpicks to pull off a win

I was listening to a major sports talk show this morning, they were talking to a former NFL coach who flat out said the Seattle Seahawks have NO chance in winning this game. What ever happened to,  any team on any day can beat any other team. Even Las Vegas says the hawks odds of winning the superbowl are 100 to 1. There might be good reason for the negative vibes, these two teams met in the regular season with New Orleans winning big,  while racking up 494 yards in total yards, including 382 yards passing by Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Hawks head coach Pete Carrol remains confident in his teams ability, but won't announce the starting quarterback until game time. Seahawks safety Lawyer Malloy,who has been in a few playoff games in his time, says, 'you've got to get up for the challenge'. Game time is 1:30 this Saturday from Questfield. If the Seahawks ever needed the 12th man, this would be that time. GO HAWKS!!