Aries-they say you are best suited to be a super hero. Whether it's Batman or one of your own creation.

Taurus-you just scream vampire!

Gemini-the sign of the twins, so have a partner theme like cowboy & indian or angle & devil.

Cancer-your sign is all about nostalgia, so something old school.  Maybe a popular character from your childhood.

Leo-you can pull off a superstar outfit. Maybe a member of KISS or Lady Gaga.

Virgo-you can rock it as your favorite character from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games or Twilight.

Libra-the sign of partnering up, so a celebrity couple like Brad & Angelina best suits you.

Scorpio-deep and dark, you're the zombie hit of the party!

Sagittarius-you know you want to be the stealthy ninja that is really inside you.

Capricorn-your sign rules the bones of the body, so a skeleton is right up your alley.

Aquarius-highly connected with the cosmos, you would look great as an alien or favorite Star Wars character.

Pices-something fantasy like to fit your style..a fairy tale character suits you nicely.


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