Being familiar with the heart-ache, stress, worry and difficulties military families experience during deployment, I was shocked to learn today that entire Facebook groups exist to make fun of military wives!

The story came to my attention because a couple of women got so fed up with it they drove over to their local TV news station and said, "You've got to do a story about this."

And indeed, it is newsworthy. The administrators of said Facebook pages say they get tired of military spouses who act "entitled" and believe they, too, are making a sacrifice for our country.

I would call it pride, patriotism and making sure your husband and family get what was promised in return for his service!

The pages use nicknames for the type of military wife they're referring to like "Dependa," "Dependapotamus" (did you catch the fat joke thrown in for good fun?) and "OSMW" (Overly-Sensitive Military Wives):

Another favorite hobby of these pages is making fun of the people who respectfully express stern disapproval. What a class act.

So next time you run into the spouse of a service member, let them know how much you appreciate them. Apparently not everyone does.

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