One of my favorite news stories from recent years was how Samsung lost a patent infringement lawsuit to Apple and was order to pay over a billion dollars! A little later dump trucks showed up at Apple full of nickels. Security told them it was a mistake until the Samsung CEO called the Apple CEO to inform them that was their preferred method of payment! What a HOOT!My wife had never heard that story and I told it to her last night. That got me thinking, "Did that really happen?"

Unfortunately NO! -- the great and powerful guardian of truth on the Internet -- traced the story back to a Spanish-language humor magazine! It was a spoof from a publication that resembles our "The Onion." You know how other countries confuse stories from that website as true? Well, we fell for it ourselves!

Anyway, if that story were true, Samsung would have needed to get its hands on EVERY SINGLE NICKEL IN THE U.S.A.! And it would have required over 2,700 dump trucks!