It was Tuesday afternoon at the Delange house and my youngest son Dustin walked outside and accidentally caught a young lady trying to sneak to our doorstep. ((BUSTED))

He came back inside carrying a box. This is what it said.

Dustin Delange

He was asked to a Sadie Hawkins dance!

Immediately I reached for my phone, ready to tell the world on Facebook! He said: NO dad, it's not official! I have to respond back officially!

The next day the "KORD Waking Crew" sprang into action! we called Dustin on-air to find out his response!

Dustins response

This is a first for us at the DeLange bachelor pad. We are all excited and can't wait to take massive pictures (yes, let me be a proud daddy).

To Dustin: I am very proud that you handled this with finesse and respect.

To Elizabeth: thank you for putting a smile on Dustin's face.

Go have fun!

And yes, you can borrow my car.