Starting Nov. 1, Susan Darrah began posting photos to Facebook of something that will both shock and enrage you. But the story has a very happy ending.

Susan Darrah regularly takes pictures of deer in the backyard of her New Jersey home, like this one:

Facebook, Susan Darrah

But then one day she saw something horrible and wrote this:

Want to know what sucks? THIS!! Tried to capture him to no avail…..he can eat, run and there's no blood, less chance of infection. I just feel so bad for him..."

Facebook, Susan Darrah
Facebook, Susan Darrah

But don't worry! The story has a happy ending! With diligence, the New Jersey Fish & Wildlife Department finally caught up with the deer in Susan's lawn on Nov. 8! They tranquilized the deer, unscrewed the tip, removed the arrow, gave it antibiotics and tagged it!

On Nov. 10 he was back eating more pears off her tree!

The best part? She named it "Steve Martin", The Muppet Show