The television show on Discovery Network has become a sensation nationwide! During the Benton Franklin Fair this year Captain Scott Campbell of the F/V Seabrooks and his entire family were signing autographs and taking pictures Friday & Saturday. Capt. Scott Campbell Jr had a few moments to stop by the KORD Booth and say hi!

The F/V Seabrooke is a speedy boat that is getting ready to enjoy it's 2nd season on Discovery Networks "Deadliest Catch" . Capt Scott Campbell Jr and his crew start their king crab season in October and will fish thru January. Here is how they spend their time when they aren't fishing or playin' on the river. The F/V Seabrooke family including Scott's custom Harley Davidson and 1000 HP "Big Nasty" Custom hot rod will be at the Walla Walla this weekend!  Find out more about the F/V Seabrooke on their WEBSITE

I have no idea who this person was that came by the KORD Booth but he looked vaguely like "Cactus" John McKay