The father of a two-year-old boy says his son died on a Saturday, then sat up hours before his funeral and asked for some water -- then died again. Doctors at a local hospital said Kelvin Santos died of cardiac-respiratory failure and was sent home with his family so they could grieve. So the family had a wake that lasted all night and into the next morning.

Note to family: Your son dies at a local hospital, comes back to life long enough to ask for water, then dies again, don't take him back to the same hospital where they confirm he's still dead. A Zombie boy must go to a witch doctor. I wasn't there at the wake, but I would guess there was some smoking and drinking going on, just saying. After the incident, the family delayed the funeral for an hour, just in case he wanted pizza or something. Let;s review, the kid wakes up from the dead a day after being declared dead, some 24 hours later, so the family gives him just one hour to repeat the miracle, really! 'Look son,we have a soccer game to get to, so if you're going to ask for something else,chop chop'. I can't say this didn't happen, but I did get the story from the same source that had a story of a dead obese women who had so much body fat she set the building on fire during her cremation. I'm sticking with Zombie with a very short life span.

Dailymail/ Tammy Hughes